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Modalities for fictitious past: could have, should have, and would have

In English, the pattern [could/should/would + have done] is used for fictional expressions contrary to the fact, e.g. You could have done your work yesterday (but you have not). How to express such ...
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Imperfect subjunctive in exclamation

I'm reading Phaedrus's version of Aesop Fables via Ørberg's Lingua Latina per se Illustrata. In Phaedrus, III. 7 (The Dog & the Wolf) : [Wolf:] "Quanto est facilius mihi sub tecto vivere, et ...
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Why is the verb indicative in an indirect question?

Sed, nescio quomodo, multas res video quae incertum me faciunt. Why is videō in the quōmodo-clause (which I think to be an indirect question) indicative instead of subjuctive?
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Servus dominum orabat ne se verbera–

Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, cap. XXVIII, pensum A (p. 230) begins by asking the reader to fill in the blank in this sentence, with the appropriate conjunctive imperfect conjugation: Servus ...
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Why the Perfect Subjunctive?

In this question, R.B. Jawad asked for a translation of two sentences. The second of these: "canuntur quando reversi fuerint et appropinquant regias ecclesie (sic)." was translated by brianpck: ...
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Subjunctive mood in Latin

Should I say "Velisne/Velitisne panem?" To mean "Do you want/would you like some bread? Or would I use Visne/Vultisne? So, would I use subjunctive to ask or the indicative mood?
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Self-teaching: Good resource for learning subjunctive

I am self-teaching Latin and have no instructors to whom I can ask questions. I am at a loss for learning subjunctive (mostly its uses and translating into English) and would like a resource that ...
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Fiat justitia in imperative mood?

I came across the Fiat ivstitia motto. The Wikipedia entry translates it as "Let justice be done". I need a bit of help to understand this. I know justitia is a noun (like justicia, in Spanish, or ...
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When to use cum + subjunctive and when cum + indicative

So I have never, ever, ever been able to grasp fully any explanation in any textbook of when to use "cum" with the subjunctive and when to use it with the indicative, because the examples they give ...
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