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Questions tagged [livius]

Questions relating to the works of Livy or Titus Livius (64 or 59 BC – AD 17).

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Translation of the genitive gerund

I came across this sentence from Livy in Roma Aeterna, and although I believe I grasp the general meaning, I don't really understand the use of the genitive gerund 'sperandi': Deinde, cum minus agri ...
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Did Scipio Africanus prevent a betrayal of Rome?

According to Wikipedia: On hearing that Lucius Caecilius Metellus and other young nobles were planning to go overseas to serve some king, Scipio [Africanus] stormed into the meeting, and at sword-...
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sentence in Livy 33/LLPSI

Chapter 50 of Lingua Latina per sē illustrāta: Rōma Æterna contains this from Livy 33: . . . mājus gaudium fuit quam quod ūniversum hominēs acciperent. What is ūniversum doing here? Its ending ...
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"Ut" in Livy XXI via LLpsi

In an excerpt from Livy XXI, Lingua Latina per se illustrata has this: . . . Haud ferme plures Saguntini cadebant quam Pœni. Ut vero Hannibal ipse, dum murum incautius subit, tragula graviter ictus ...
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