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Questions tagged [lingua-latina-per-se-illustrata]

For questions about Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata (LLPSI) by Hans Henning Ørberg.

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Prana = anima or spiritus?

On p. 188 of Breath, James Nestor writes: The concept of prana was first documented in India and China…, some 3,000 years ago, and became the bedrock of medicine. The Chinese called it ch'i and ...
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Dowling versus Rote

Ranieri-Dowling Method Versus the Rote Method of Learning. Are these two methods of pedagogy dissimilar? They appear to be similar from a basis overview of each approach. I’m trying to determine the ...
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Is the first chapter by Eutropius in Roma Aeterna (Lingua Lataina Per Se II) unedited?

Chapter 46 of Roma Aeterna titled 'Post Regos Exactos' which is taken from Eutropius' Brevarium. The subtitle of each chapter has hitherto included some note about the extract being edited by the ...
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