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Does Latin have minced oath interjections?

Does Latin have minced oath interjections analogous to English's Jeez (< Jesus), Gosh (< God), gee whiz (< geewhillikins < Jerusalem)? cf. Christianity StackExchange question "Do ...
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How can I say "yeah!" in Latin?

A lot of songs, in English, have "yeah" in their lyrics. Is there an equivalent in Latin for that? Does Latin have some interjection or particle that could be used like "yeah!"?
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"How cool! /excellent!" in Latin

how is this current and wonder admiration spontaneous word externalized into Romana lingua ? Sometimes, when my English knowledge is deficient, thus, I have the desire to write/communicate its ...
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The interjection "o" with different cases

I recently came across o beatum te in a letter and I was surprised that accusative was used instead of vocative. Lewis and Short indeed indicate that the interjection o can be used with vocative, ...
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How to translate "what" when used as an ironic interjection

Is there any good way to translate "what" when used as an ironic interjection, e.g. "What? He thought that would be a good idea?" said in a sarcastic tone? My first thought is just to use quis or quid ...
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"Oh no!" in Latin

Are there idiomatic Latin exclamations similar to the English "oh no!" used when one finds oneself in an unfortunate situation? The only thing that I came up with is that I might want to use vae or o ...
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Are there Latin angry oaths like the English "damn it!" or "for God's sake!"?

Nowadays (I guess) every language has both vulgar and non-vulgar ways to express anger, frustration and/or exasperation , in response to some nuisance. Looking e.g. at Catullus, it seems unlikely that ...
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Latin exclamations ending in "h"

I was writing in Latin recently and was remarking to myself how strange "proh dolor" looks. It seems odd to see a Latin word ending in "h," and a Perseus search for such words reveals (beside Semitic ...
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Are there any Roman/Latin equivalents of the English interjections um, huh, uh, etc.?

Listening in to any conversation, one will quickly realize that people don't always know what they are going to say when they start speaking. This causes them to say things like "ummm," "uhhh," or "...
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