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Does the Latin word for "garden" (hortus) also mean "vagina"?

Dr. Alexander Kohut in Arukh Completum (vol. 2 p. 314) claims that the Latin word hortus (and its Greek etymon), which means "garden" also refers to a woman's private parts (I'm assuming the ...
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the Mundus homonym, identical? [duplicate]

Sometimes I run into Latin words that appear to be exact homonyms with no way to identify the word other than context. For example, the word mundus, when masculine, can seem to mean either clean (...
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Would You Have a Great Empire--Revisited?

This is a follow-up to this older question. So "imperium habere vis magnum?" given as "Would you have a great Empire?". If this is indirect speech, then He (Publilius Syrus) said ...
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How many letters are words in Latin?

In English, there are a few words that sound the same as a single letter. Some are spelled with a single letter ("I", "a") while others are just pronounced that way ("eye", "cue", "why"). How many of ...
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