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How to find the transliteration of a (Attic) Greek word?

Is there a way to find the transliteration of a (Attic) Greek word in English/Latin? Also called Romanization of a Greek word, I guess? Is there a dictionary that provides the transliteration of each ...
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Bilingual Latin/Greek and English texts online?

I'm currently about halfway through Ανάβασις by Ξενοφών. I think possibly I might have a crack at Herodotus Histories after that. I found a great source for a bilingual edition of Ανάβασις in Greek ...
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Does "Lycoris" have a confirmed origin as a derivation of some Greek word meaning Twilight?

Got told that this isn't History, but does fit here, even though this is the "Latin" Stack not the "Greek" Stack? Wikipedia said that "Lycoris" means "Twilight"...
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What's the meaning of "topothesia" by Cicero?

"Provincias praetores nondum sortiti sunt. Res eodem est loci, quo reliquisti. Topothesian, quam postulas, Miseni et Puteolorum, includam orationi meae. "A. d. III Non. Decembr." I once ...
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Greek or Latin word to express "revealing the sacred in the mundane?

Greetings from a newbie with a very limited knowledge of Latin and less of Greek - some from working in the sciences and more from obsessive reading of English etymologies. I'm seeking a word in ...
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Aristotle's "Man is a political/social animal" original Greek words

The following sentence by Artistotle is well-known: Man is a political/social animal. His original words are: διότι δὲ πολιτικὸν ὁ ἄνθρωπος ζῷον πάσης μελίττης καὶ παντὸς ἀγελαίου ζῴου μᾶλλον, ...
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How to translate Ἀγαθῶν ἓνεκα οὐ γίνεσθαι

How should the following (highlighted) quote of Socrates be translated? Here's the relevant sentence: Thus Socrates said of the Civil law, Ἀγαθῶν ἓνεκα οὐ γίνεσθαι. I came up with the following in ...
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On the translation of the first hypothesis of Theaetetus (Theaetetus, 151e)

In Theaetetus, when asked about knowldegde (ἐπιστήμη) he first suggest that knowldege is perception (αἴσθησις). Just before, he says the following : δοκεῖ οὖν μοι ὁ ἐπιστάμενός τι αἰσθάνεσθαι τοῦτο ὃ ...
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Ancient Greek Translation: A response to Sappho's 146

Thank you for reading. Context: I'm designing an engagement ring for my partner, who has expressed her love of both Sappho's fragment #146 ( "Μήτ’ ἔμοι μέλι μήτε μέλισσα"/"For me ...
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How is 'holon'(ὅλον)(philosophy word) different from 'whole' in Greek?

Philosophy word 'Holon'(in English) is translated to 'ὅλον' in Greek as the wikipedia page says. On the other side, 'Whole'(in English) is also tanslated to ὅλον at Aristotle's Metaphysics. Philosophy ...
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Translation of Meditations 1.4-5

I've been using the meditations of Marcus Aurelius as practice in reading and translation, and then checking my answers by peeking at a translation by George Long. In 1.4, Marcus Aurelius says: Παρὰ ...
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What does ἀπάλαιστος mean in Quint. Inst. 9 4.56

The quote is as such: [56] quod Cicerō optimē videt ac testātur frequenter sē quod numerōsum sit quaerere, ut magis nōn ἀπάλαιστοι. quod esset īnscītum atque agreste, quam ἔνρυθμον, quod poēticum est,...
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Ancient Greek Romans 1:27 - I don't understand this phrase through a straight translation into English The part I am curious about is the last phrase: "[indecency manufacturing] and [the compensation which was a necessity of their delusion in ...
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Puzzling grammar in a Sappho line

A combination of LP fragments, found at 6.A.i here, has the following first two lines: ἐπτάξατε̣ [          ] δροσ[ό]εσσα[-     ] ...
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How would you translate γέγονεν in John 1:15?

I'm translating the 15th verse of John 1, and I'm curious to know the nuances of translating the phrase ὁ ὀπίσω μου ἐρχόμενος ἔμπροσθέν μου γέγονεν, and especially the word γέγονεν. Below is the NA28 ...
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Can you please fix the mistakes in translating these prayers from Koine Greek to English (Part 2 of 2)?

This is a continuation from this question I do not know nearly enough Koine Greek to point out what I am specifically unsure about. That said, I do know enough to see that the Greek and English texts ...
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Can you please fix the mistakes in translating these prayers from Koine Greek to English (Part 1 of 2)?

This question is continued here I do not know nearly enough Koine Greek to point out what I am specifically unsure about. That said, I do know enough to see that the Greek and English texts do not ...
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Ancient greek translation exercise - narration, meaning of singular *οὔτε*

In First Greek Book by John Williams White following passage is given for reader to translate: Τισσαφέρνες δέ, ὀ τῆς Καρίας σατράπης, τῷ Κύρῳ πολέμιος ἦν, τότε δὲ οὔτε ἐστράτευεν ἐπ' αὔτε διήρπαζε ...
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