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Questions tagged [font]

A font is a selection of characters meant for printing. These can be alphanumeric, but also symbols, emojis and even invisible characters that impact how the text is displayed.

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Is there an "comprehensive" list of Tironian symbols?

I am willing to create a font family for typesetting tironian notes. To do so, I am looking for a list of the symbols used (especially during Roman times) as comprehensive as possible. The Wikipedia ...
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3 answers

Ancient Greek: how worried do I need to be about "long" and "short" accents?

I've been learning for a couple of months now, from a rather ancient book, which blissfully ignores all questions of accents. But I recently found out about them (with help from Luke Ranieri among ...
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What is a good font for both Latin with diacritics and polytonic Greek

Previous questions and outline of needs Several questions have been asked, especially for polytonic Greeek – especially ‘What are popular fonts for polytonic Greek?’ and ‘Greek font with legible ...
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What are popular fonts for polytonic Greek?

There are quite a lot of fonts available for writing Latin, which have been designed for easy legibility and contain all the letters of the Latin alphabet. For the Greek alphabet, however, most modern ...
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Why does the Misal rico de Cisneros uses the word "Qiſſa", and what is it supposed to mean? Why not "Miſſa" (Missa)?

The Misal rico de Cisneros, produced by archbishop Cisneros, the archbishop of Toledo, Spain, in the early sixteenth century, is a Latin Catholic missal also known as the Missale secundum ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Greek font with legible diacritics

Is there any monospaced font with Greek where the diacritics are distinctly legible around 10 points? I'm now using DejaVu Sans Mono, but to be sure, especially about spiritus, I have to increase ...
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Is there a Latin version of "Quick brown fox..."?

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is an English pangram, i.e. a phrase or sentence that contains all the letters of the alphabet (Wiki). Pangrams are often used in font typography to show ...
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