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Questions tagged [figurae-sermonis]

Figures of speech, such as the zeugma, chiasmus, and hendiadys.

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Did poets use ambiguity in poetry?

Ambiguity seems very likely in Latin, due to the identicalness of inflected forms, flexibility of word order, homophony, and the like. In many other languages, ambiguous sentences are often used in ...
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Simplex sigillum veri

G. Polya in How to Solve It translates simplex sigillum veri as "simplicity is the seal of truth".* In this discussion on, most people seemed to agree that the Latin is ...
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Name of Homeric (?) figure of speech: semantic transposition

I'm afraid my question is somewhat vague, and I'll try to improve it as I find the time to research it more. I've been having a nagging memory of my Ancient Greek and Latin classes (and in that memory ...
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6 votes
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Use of the chiasmus in Latin

Was the chiasma common in Latin? Or an uncommon figure of speech? (Words in a sentence with the pattern ABBA or ABBCBBA, etc...) Where could we meet the greatest amount of chiasma? In poetry? In ...
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Zeugma on a genitive noun: extraordinary or prosaic?

This Reddit comment points out that there is a zeugma on a genitive noun in this sentence from the conductus "Sol oritur occasus nescius"* in the Hortus Deliciarum: Et filiæ fit pater filius I'd ...
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