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Questions relating to the works of Flavius Eutropius (historian, 4th century AD).

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Is the first chapter by Eutropius in Roma Aeterna (Lingua Lataina Per Se II) unedited?

Chapter 46 of Roma Aeterna titled 'Post Regos Exactos' which is taken from Eutropius' Brevarium. The subtitle of each chapter has hitherto included some note about the extract being edited by the ...
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Ørberg/Eutropius "potestátés majórés"

In Róma Æterna, the second volume of Ørberg's Lingua Latína per sé illustráta, in a chapter adapted from Eutropius I.9–III.6, on page 181 we find the following sentences: Verum dignitás ...
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