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On meaning and syntactic structure of "usque eo quoad his sex annis"

I am reading the Latin version of the Little Prince, namely Regulus, translated by Auguste Haury. In the beginning of Chap. 2, I saw this sentence a little hard for me: Sic aetatem solus egi nec ...
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Indeclinables: What are the strategies good Latinists use to deal with them?

I have read that the modern tendency is to translate a modern person's personal name into Latin but not his surname. So John Doe would be translated as Ioannes Doe. This seems sensible at face value, ...
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"I'll be back!!"

In the film, "The Terminator" (1984), the cyborg's chilling declaration-of-intent: "I'll be back!", has become something of an international catchphrase. It's easy to translate it ...
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