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decipher graduation date from diploma

I don't remember the numeric day of the month and year in which I graduated from college. The month was May and the year was 1974. My diploma shows the month, day and year in Latin: A.D. VIII KAL. IVN....
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What does a.d.v. stand for in dates?

What does a.d.v stand for in dates? For example: Is dies erat a. d. v. Kal. Apr. L. Pisone A. Gabinio consulibus. --De Bello Gallico 1.6
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How to interpret "tertio" in the context of dates?

I often see dates expressed as, for example, tertio idus maias where idus is the feminine accusative plural and maias is the adjective agreeing with idus relating to the month of May. So, the question ...
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