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Is the Spanish translation of the "Exultet" chant literal?

I am reading the Exultet, an ancient Christian chant. The first two lines are: Exultet iam angelica turba caelorum, exultent divina mysteria In the Spanish translation, these two lines are: ...
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Deciphering Latin text in an illuminated musical manuscript

I'm trying to decipher this text, or find at least part of a sentence so I can find the complete text online. I believe it's Latin, but stand to be corrected. The primary reason is I wanted to see if ...
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How to better distinguish words in Gregorian Chant?

When listening to Gregorian Chant (in Latin), I find very hard to distinguish the words being sung, beyond some trivial regular words or phrases. It might well be said that Gregorian Chant is ...
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How to say "all together" in Latin when inviting people to sing?

I am the canter at my local Catholic Church, and need to discretely say "all together" in Latin to invite people to sing the response for the Kyrie, and other chants. I've found a few words ...
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What is the meaning of "salvus" in this sentence about music?

Instituta Patrum de modo psallendi is a High Medieval document, allegedly based on circulated precepts of Bernard of Clairveaux, and perhaps other church figures as well. It enjoins church communities ...
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