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Reading latin texts as a beginner

I am a beginner in Latin. I don't have a lot of vocabulary. I am trying to read a book and learning the basics at the same time. With this method, I except to have a greater vocabulary. But the ...
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What is the Correct Edition of Baluzius' Commonitory of St. Vincent Lerins?

Fr. John Shanahan's 1833 translation of The Commonitory contains the following: QUESTION: What is ``the Correct (Latin) Edition of Baluzius''; and (if possible) where may I find it? Thank you.
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Is Traupman's "Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency" of good latinity?

I am currently studying Latin and a friend has recommended Traupman's "Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency" book. Can I trust that the vocabulary within this book is accurate, or ...
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Sextus Empiricus and Latin

I am learning Latin from Duolingo and when i finish Duolingo, i am planning to move to Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, the famous book. In this context i am wondering that when i finish these two, ...
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Ranking of the Books of the Nova Vulgata by difficulty

Salvete omnes, I want to try my hand on the Nova Vulgata, but I wanted to do so deliberately and increasing the difficulty gradually so I can use it as comprehensible input. Could anyone here give me ...
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How were ancient books divided?

Nowadays, books are divided into chapters, chapters into sections, sections into subsections, and so on. Is there an equivalent hierarchy in Latin (I'm mainly asking about classical Latin, but maybe ...
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Is etymology the best way or a good way to build Latin vocabulary? [closed]

I heard that the best way to improve English vocabulary is from the etymology's perspective. That refers to a lot of prefixes and roots that originated in Latin and Greek. Is etymology also the best ...
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Best Books for Moderate Level Classical Latin [duplicate]

I recently completed Duolingo’s Latin course, and now I want to learn classical Latin more in depth. Could you guys please suggest me some good books or free courses? I wouldn’t consider myself a ...
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Book on History of Plant Names and their category and variety

In Pliny's History of Nature, the author writes about different kind of trees and their varieties, but as per this book "when certain that a Latin or Greek name is generally equivalent to an ...
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Is reading translations like Winnie ille Pu and Alicia in Terra Mirabili good practice for approaching classical texts?

I'm still something of a beginner and my immediate goal is to be able to read Classical Latin texts fluently and without much recourse to dictionaries. Having gone through Lingua Latina and most of ...
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Recommended editions the Aeneid and the Gallic Wars (for AP Latin)

I am looking for recommended editions of the Aeneid and the Gallic Wars, suitable for (highly motivated) high school students. (I will be working on the AP Latin curriculum with my sons, but I'm not ...
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Sources for listings of alternative forms of common words

Do you know any good sources for listings of alternative forms of common words. For example most websites, books and tables only show "meo" for the Ablative of "meus", but there ...
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Is there a Latin translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh?

The Epic of Gilgamesh (Carmina de Gilgamo) appears to have been translated into many languages but I didn't find a Latin translation, does it exist?
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Where can I find large public domain texts in latin?

I need to have a large selection of free, publicly available texts in Latin on the internet, hoping to train an neural network (computer algorithm) on it. It would eventually be able to generate ...
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Is there any new published book that is written in latin?

I wondered that is there any new book that is written in latin publishing now ? Like new latin books in 21st century. If so what is the difference of new published books from the literature of ...
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What are some notable works never translated from Latin?

I guess most, if not all, of classical-period works that have survived, were translated. But I'm certain many of the medieval era works were never published in a language other than their Latin ...
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What does "Vivamus vel libero perit Americae" on Hannity's new book mean?

Sean Hannity is coming out with a new book called Live Free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink. At the bottom is a perplexing subtitle in Latin: VIVAMUS VEL LIBERO PERIT AMERICAE Here's ...
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Meaning of "cum inter nonnullos"

I'm reading The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco, which has a lot of Latin phrases and expressions, since the story is set in the 14th century and the protagonist is a franciscan friar. The expression ...
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How was the original Ovid Metamorphoses formatted/punctuated most likely?

What punctuation was used in Classical Latin? was very insightful, but it doesn't go into specifics. Wikipedia says we don't have any original sources of Ovid's Metamorphoses until the 9th or 10th ...
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Who produced and sold ancient Roman literature?

A number of books were written in the Roman antiquity, and I would like to understand how they came to be. This question does not concern Latin language directly, but a technical aspect related to its ...
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Elementary Grade Latin Programs: Macrons

So, I'm in the USA, looking to teach my kids Latin, and casting about at different programs. What I'm noticing is that most, if not all, elementary-age Latin books (I'm talking about, say, third grade ...
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Confusion regarding reference to Latin in "Infinite Jest" book

In he book Infinite Jest there is a part where a character says It strikes me that EXIT signs would look to a native speaker of Latin like red-lit signs that say HE LEAVES. What does this mean?
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asustilbar (?): a strange word from the Tractatus de Herbis

There is a following illustration (f. 28r) in the Tractatus de Herbis: (Here is a link to an image with high resolution.) It is written in Wikipedia that "Apparently the artist has confused his ...
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Is this printing style common in Latin books?

I was studying this book and it surprised me that the bottom right of every page includes the first syllable (?) of the next page's first word. An example below (Leges, Quif): Following my ...
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