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Did the Romans have a Latin name for their domestic peristylia?

A typical upper- and probably also middle-class Roman house in the classical age contained a peristylium or peristylum, or so I was told. I wonder why they used a Greek word for such a standard Roman ...
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What is the difference between aula and atrium?

When researching for the living room question and the question that inspired it, I came across some dictionary definitions of aula and atrium. Aula is a Greek thing and atrium is Roman, but otherwise ...
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11 votes
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What is "living room" in Latin?

I would like to find a good Latin word for "living room". I know some options, but my list might not be complete and I am not sure what is the best choice. It may well be that different words are ...
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Term for urban planning?

So while there is a plethora of words regarding features of urban planning in Latin, is there an actual term or phrase for the act of planning a city? "Urbs designans" and "inventio urbica" seem like ...
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How was Trajan's comic called?

Trajan's column contains a famous spiral relief. The relief is organized into panels — there are no lines for panel boundaries, but the composition makes the panel structure quite clear. The ...
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Does Fontana di Trevi have a Latin name?

Fontana di Trevi is a fountain in Rome, built in 1762. Does it have a (trustworthy) Latin name? The Latin Wikipedia page uses the name Fontana Trebii, but no reference is given. This name appears to ...
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How to translate piazza?

I am looking for a Latin translation of the Italian word "piazza". Specifically, I would like to have a Latin word to describe the various piazze in today's Rome. I have found a couple of ...
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