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10 votes
2 answers

Difficult sentence from Leibniz's Historia Inventionis Phosphori?

In Historia Inventionis Phosphori (link), I'm struggling to parse a sentence in the second paragraph. De cujus inventore anno 1692 Gallico sermone prodiit Viri Egregii & in experimentis hujus ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Does the abbreviation “ſ.” in this 1755 work mean “sine”?

For an answer on the RPG Stack, I’m trying to read some entries in Medicinisch-Chymisch und Alchemistisches Oraculum, a 1755 German work whose entries are in Latin. I’m stuck on these two entries: ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Does the phrase IPAM MIAM mean anything?

I've been walking trough the countermine system built by the Habsburgs, and saw the inscription from the title engraved in the arch above one of the doors. The guide said "its an masonry term ...
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2 votes
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What is the Tinctura Physica?

This question quotes an alchemical text by Sendivogius, which mentions the Tinctura Physica as equivalent to the Lapis Philosophorum, i.e. the Philosopher's Stone. But what exactly was the Tinctura ...
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2 answers

Can you please help me understand passages from an alchemical text?

I am reading Novuum Lumen Chemicum with the help of Waite’s English translation. ( The following passage I cannot understand clearly. It seems that Waite ...
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