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When did acronyms first appear?

Acronyms are abbreviations that are read as whole words rather than letter by letter — or in other words, they are words formed from initials of a phrase. "NATO" and "laser" are two examples. I ...
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Can Roman numerals stand for any kind of Latin numbers?

Latin has four classes of number words. Can Roman numerals (I, II, …) be used to for any class, or should they be restricted to, say, cardinals and ordinals? For example, can I abbreviate any ...
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What does "Mus. Reg. Gall." stand for?

Gibbon, at the end of a note detailing the imprinting on a medal, has "(Mus. Reg. Gall.)". I have found other references outside Gibbon, and have gotten (maybe) as far as "Mus. Regis ...
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16th century Latin (England) Transcription/Translation of Recipe for Braggot

I study how mead was made (and what it tasted like!) before about 1750 CE. I am not a linguist, and acknowledge my rudimentary knowledge of Latin grammar/tenses/etc. (learning all the time). I’m ...
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Did the Romans abbreviate the days of the week?

In current Spanish when we have to abbreviate the days of the week using only one character, in most places (but not everywhere) to tell apart martes (Tuesday) from miércoles (Wednesday) we use 'M' ...
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