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Studying Latin After Wheelock [duplicate]

I used to study Latin at my old high school. I was pretty good, and finished 2 years, enough to take the SAT II Latin test, if I so wished. However, I then switched to a high school that doesn't ...
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Learning latin, good books at beginner's level [duplicate]

I would like to learn Latin, starting from scratch. That is to say, I do not know anything at all about Latin. Which book would be a good one to start with?
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Learning from scratch [duplicate]

I am interested in learning Latin. I have tried to find good resources to do this online but have found a great deal of noise. Does anyone have any good recommendations of how to properly learn Latin ...
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What is the preferred beginners book on beginning to learn latin? [duplicate]

This is for someone who wants to begin studying but has little to no knowledge of the language. Should I stick to a classic Latin primer or something more modern? Thank you.
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Free online resources/established books for learning Latin? [duplicate]

I'm looking for something like Duolingo, but for Latin. (By the way, it is a bit upsetting that hardly any of these sites include Latin as a learnable language; although I suspect that it is because ...
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Is Duolingo good for Latin?

On August 28*, 2019 Duolingo announced its Latin course for English speakers. Out of curiosity, I subscribed, but I'm just starting to peek into it. My question is (if anyone has tried it in depth ...
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What are the Latin names for modern countries?

With the Olympics starting this week, I got interested in all the countries of the world. Naturally, I would like to know the Latin names for modern countries. I have only been able to find a few ...
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What is the current status of Hans Ørberg's natural approach method for learning Latin?

The method for learning Latin developed by Hans Ørberg is also known as the natural approach or contextual induction. The main book is called: "Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata" which contains only ...
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Translating "a forest's son" to Latin

everyone. I'm trying to translate the phrase "a forest's son" from song lyrics into Latin. I would like to say "son of the forest." My background is a little bit of Ecclesiastical ...
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What creative pursuits can I follow using the Latin Language?

While we're stuck in quarantine I have plenty of time to create. Here's what I've tried doing so far: Helping answer easy questions on the Stack Exchange Translating songs into Latin/Writing songs in ...
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How to start learning Latin?

I am a newbie to this language so I don't know where to start. I am ready to take a lot of effort and would really like to know how to master this language. How can I get started with learning Latin?
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Self-teaching: Good resource for learning subjunctive

I am self-teaching Latin and have no instructors to whom I can ask questions. I am at a loss for learning subjunctive (mostly its uses and translating into English) and would like a resource that ...
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Latin translation for the following English words

I'm inspired to start learning Latin, and to mark this event, I'm trying to determine what the Classical Latin are for the following words. I appreciate, just like ancient Greek, there may be ...
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Best Books for Moderate Level Classical Latin [duplicate]

I recently completed Duolingo’s Latin course, and now I want to learn classical Latin more in depth. Could you guys please suggest me some good books or free courses? I wouldn’t consider myself a ...
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