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Can the ablative take a non-human agent or a human instrument?

In the study notes for chapter 6 of Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, I read about the ablative of agent and the ablative of instrument or means: In the passive, as we have seen, the personal agent ...
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How did the Romans congratulate a new father?

One of our users recently became a father and of course congratulations are in order. How did the Romans do that? More specifically, are there any attested congratulations to a new father in the ...
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Dative–ablative ambiguity

When I first looked into Latin, I saw in a textbook that the dative and ablative singular are the same in the second declension: nom. servus acc. servum gen. servi dat. servō abl. servō voc. serve ...
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Fake family motto from English to Latin

Apologies, but could anyone translate the following to Latin, in the style of a family motto? "God loves those whom the fiend pursues" I tried Google translate, but, judging by the reverse ...
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Unusual grammar in Ars Amatoria 1.509 f: 'a nulla tempora comptus acu'

I'm reading the Ars Amatoria in Hans Ørberg's annotated edition, this is book 1.509 f: Forma viros neglecta decet. Minoida Theseus abstulit, a nulla tempora comptus acu; I get the sense: "It ...
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N & H Waxing Poetry: Why is "clam deductus est" used to translate "was led aside"?

In North & Hillard, Ex. 191, q. 3, the following English sentence needs to be translated into Latin: While the conspirators gathered round Caesar, Antonius was led aside by Trebonius. The ...
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How would you translate “united by mathematics” into Latin?

How would you translate "united by mathematics" into Latin? Is the translation "civitatum a mathematica" correct? By "united" I mean united people.
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Preposition of agent

Is it better to say a lectica portatur or in lectica portatur if it's the lectīcā who is the agent? Gratias plurimas.
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"Forests slow down army movement" translation to Latin

Forests slow down army movement Silve motum exercitus retardant. Silva - 1st declension, plural nominative is Silve motus - 4th declension, in accusative motum exercitus - 4th declension, in ...
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Is "iudicatus per historia" a correct translation for "judged by history"?

Im not sure about the usage of the "per" preposition, but this translation seems to be pretty straight forward. Is this correct?
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