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"Infandum me jubes Regina renovare dolorem" -- Translation

Recently I found this line adapted by Kierkegaard from the Aeneid. In this case "Regina" is a bit of a grim pun as K's fiance (the engagement with whom he had recently broken off) was called ...
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Vita Bene Vixit in a commemorative magazine

Hi I want to use the phrase Vita Bene Vixit in a commemorative magazine. google translation says 'Life Well Lived' Is this right? What exactly is the meaning of this phrase please. thanks
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Translating English Quote "The most important conversation(s) you'll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself."

I need help translating this quote into Latin, as I need it for a tattoo similar to the one in the photo. Same placement and I need the quote to be in 3 lines. "The most important conversation(s) ...
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Championship = "Pilae" but Pilae = ball, pillar, etc

I'm looking for the Latin word for the English word/concept of "Championship" which Google and many google results indicate is "Pilae", but when I do the reverse to see what Pilae ...
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words meaning girl

On Google translate, I saw so many words which mean girl. Could you tell me the difference and relation between these words?
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"Habemus dicentis"?

The headline on this morning is Habemus Dicentis, playing on Habemus Papam ("We have a pope") to announce the selection of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the U.S. House of ...
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Latin sentence dataset?

I am working on a deep learning translator for latin and I need a dataset of about 140,000 latin sentences in a text file and their corresponding english translation in another text file. I have done ...
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How would you say, they left/abandoned you but we remain/stay faithful

Google translate gave me “relinquentes autem fideles permanemus” for “they left you but we remain faithful”but I know google translate can be just a tad less than accurate haha. Any help would be ...
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On the basis of "Veni, vidi, vici" is "Veni, bibi, oblidi" remotely correct?

When using Google Translate or eprevodilac from Latin to English, both tools translate the following phrases as shown: Veni, vidi, vici → I came, I saw, I conquered (Google Translate) Veni, vidi, ...
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"One of a kind" in Latin

I want to get "one of a kind" tattooed on me in Latin, but I can't seem to find a translation that makes sense with the context. I want it to mean I am one of a kind but it is translating it ...
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Been wanting to get a tattoo saying, forgive but never forget in Latin

so I'm currently looking for what's the best way to tattoo "forgive but never forget" but I know the direct translation in Google may not always be correct, hence I am seeking for help. The ...
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Is this Latin translation of "I see the world" correct?

I used Google Translate to translate "I see the world" to Latin. Google gave me "I videre mundum." Is this correct? If not, what would be correct and what did Google actually give ...
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"Would you like to visit Paris?" in Latin

I teach myself Latin. What is the best translation of the sentence "Would you like to visit Paris?" into Latin? Suggestions: Paris visitare vis? (Google Translate version) Paridem visitare ...
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How good is the new version of Google Translate?

Google Translate recently (a few days ago I believe) updated its translation model for Latin and the results seem quite impressive to me. However, I am by no mean fluent in Latin and I would like to ...
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Help translating phrase from William Lilly's Christian Astrology

So I just started reading through William Lilly's 1647 work Christian Astrology and I came across a paragraph in Latin on p. ix of the Dedicatory Epistle that I can't seem to easily translate via ...
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