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How to capture the meaning and connotation of Self-respect, Compassion, Curiosity?

I have a friend who asked me for help translating some words into Latin (because I took a few courses over a decade ago...), which the internet does for us, but we're not sure that the web is ...
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Championship = "Pilae" but Pilae = ball, pillar, etc

I'm looking for the Latin word for the English word/concept of "Championship" which Google and many google results indicate is "Pilae", but when I do the reverse to see what Pilae ...
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How can you translate the expression "Kindled embers" to preserve the meaning of smoldering chunks of coal or wood?

I'm in need of translating this expression to Latin for a project of mine. I really tried figuring this out using Google but I came to a short end. Could anyone help me?
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Proper way to say "Traveler's Writ/Licence/Certificate"

I am looking for more or less the 'proper' (or any good approximation) way to translate a "Traveler's Writ," as in a certificate or license given to a traveler that allows him legal access to an area. ...
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Latin sentence dataset?

I am working on a deep learning translator for latin and I need a dataset of about 140,000 latin sentences in a text file and their corresponding english translation in another text file. I have done ...
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How much online translating website is reliable for translating latin to english?

I am a researcher who does not understand the Latin language. Sometimes I need to translate a full journal paper from Latin to the English language. I tried several websites such as Google, Bing, ...
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"Obeying the law" in Latin

How to say "Obeying the law" or "we will obey the law" in Latin, as something like a slogan?
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Translating English Quote "The most important conversation(s) you'll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself."

I need help translating this quote into Latin, as I need it for a tattoo similar to the one in the photo. Same placement and I need the quote to be in 3 lines. "The most important conversation(s) ...
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