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Translation check: propter scientiae amorem

The good people over at latindiscussion have been helping me with a project I'm working on. Now that I'm nearly finished, I would like to double check the results. Take the motto: "propter scientiae ...
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How would you say "only when you forget you are human will you remember you are a god"?

Title says it all: I'm looking to translate the English motto "Only when you forget you are human will you remember you are a god." to Latin. Due to the grammar and phrasing of the clauses, Google ...
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Does "physicae artis" mean "physics"?

Google Translate translates "physicae artis" as "Physics". Is that correct? What would be the reasoning of it? Why isn't it "nature of the art" or "physics of the art"? This is related to the ...
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words meaning girl

On Google translate, I saw so many words which mean girl. Could you tell me the difference and relation between these words?
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Word request: floor plan / map / directory / source of information

I am developing a software product. Very briefly, given a floor plan, it lets the user edit it, and add information to each "room". Think of a shopping mall, where it will display the floor ...
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How would you say, they left/abandoned you but we remain/stay faithful

Google translate gave me “relinquentes autem fideles permanemus” for “they left you but we remain faithful”but I know google translate can be just a tad less than accurate haha. Any help would be ...
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is "messor tempus" the correct translation for time reaper?

If the answer is no I would like to know what "Time reaper" will translate to in Latin and or if there is anything in Latin language which will translate back into Time reaper. I used google ...
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Translation of "great by choice"

A phrase that has been on my mind for some time has recently seemed to become a much more prominent maxim is "Great by choice". Many searches online for something similar only comes to show the book ...
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How to say “dudes rock” in Latin?

I want to translate "dudes rock" into Latin. Google Translate and working with synonyms got me to viri sunt prodigiosus (“men are amazing” more or less?). But I'm wondering if there’s an ...
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How do you translate "Who connected you to the world"?

I need to translate the sentence "Who connected you to the world" in Latin. The sentence is not meant to be a question, its more like "[He] Who connected you to the world". The idea in the way it is ...
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What is the best translation for 'Future Earth'?

Using Google and other online dictionaries I came up with 'Terrae Futurum'. Is this the best way to present the idea of how the Earth could look in the distant (billion years) future?
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"Would you like to visit Paris?" in Latin

I teach myself Latin. What is the best translation of the sentence "Would you like to visit Paris?" into Latin? Suggestions: Paris visitare vis? (Google Translate version) Paridem visitare ...
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Translating “scholar in residence”

I’m looking for a Classical Latin translation of “scholar in residence,” like at a university. Google translate says “scholar in residentiae,” but I want to make sure this is correct. Thanks in ...
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Conjugating confluo for app title

I have a software product called Continua. I want to make another with a title like Confluo. What are some reasonable variants of that word for this purpose — confluere, etc.? I'm feeling like it ...
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Been wanting to get a tattoo saying, forgive but never forget in Latin

so I'm currently looking for what's the best way to tattoo "forgive but never forget" but I know the direct translation in Google may not always be correct, hence I am seeking for help. The ...
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