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Why does Google Translate have trouble with Latin? [duplicate]

I would have guessed that Latin, being a synthetic language, would be much easier for a computer to translate, than an analytic language like English. But is this true? What is it that causes Google ...
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Which online Latin dictionaries should I use and why?

What good online Latin dictionaries do you know? What are their benefits and drawbacks? Please give only one dictionary per answer. If you have many dictionaries to suggest, give multiple answers &...
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What is the best "worst" translation of Latin from Google Translate?

It's well-known on this community that you can't trust any Latin translation from Google Translate. A comment about translating goatherd with Google Translate got me thinking, though. What is the most ...
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What does "Vivamus vel libero perit Americae" on Hannity's new book mean?

Sean Hannity is coming out with a new book called Live Free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink. At the bottom is a perplexing subtitle in Latin: VIVAMUS VEL LIBERO PERIT AMERICAE Here's ...
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Is Duolingo good for Latin?

On August 28*, 2019 Duolingo announced its Latin course for English speakers. Out of curiosity, I subscribed, but I'm just starting to peek into it. My question is (if anyone has tried it in depth ...
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How does one say "the will to live" in Latin?

Obviously, I don't trust Google translate, or I wouldn't be here. Just to clarify: By "The will", I mean "a deliberate or fixed desire or intention".
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Latin translation for "Remember calmness"

I have anger management issues, and am currently working on a tattoo I'd like to have done. So I'm thinking of a good Latin phrase which carries the same spirit as Memento Mori. What I'd like to have ...
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Help translating "It's not a bug, it's a feature!"?

I know no Latin, but playing around with Google Translate I came up with "Non insectum opus est". Insectum seems like a good stand in for a generic bug, but maybe blatta is better (see http:/...
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Translation of the Latin lyrics in Avenged Sevenfold's "Requiem"?

In Avenged Sevenfold's "Requiem" there is a passage in Latin at the very beginning of the song. It says something like: Prodigia comploratus Silens, oro Regnet exitium I know nothing about ...
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Tantibus: genuine Latin word, or made-up?

I came across the word tantibus while reading this page (as part of a bigger word, amalgotantibus), where it's claimed to be Latin for "nightmare"; a little bit of digging also revealed that it's the ...
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What is a skeleton called?

Other than homo osseus, are there any words for skeleton? In the sense of an enemy of in a video game or similar media, I would use larva, or "evil spirit." But, what about a formation of bones: a ...
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Is this "Veni vidi vici" spin-off translation correct?

Sorry if this question seems silly, I do not know Latin... I wonder if someone can help me with the proper translation for: "I came, I attended, I left" With the help of google translate i got ...
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What is the best translation of the phrase `plebs together strong`?

I think the phrase plebs together strong is a cool one in English, but I'd like to translate it to Latin. In this context, I take pleb to mean a commoner, an ordinary person and the essence of the ...
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What does the "Lorem Ipsum" mean?

"Lorem ipsum" is a filler text commonly used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation. But what does it mean? Can you give a brief review of the text's origin? Lorem ...
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Is it acceptable/regular to use diacritics (macron) in written texts?

I'm building the brand for a web development company, and I'm using Latin for the name and slogan. However, as I am not familiar with the language, I would like some help clarifying meanings to avoid ...
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