Because our San Francisco Presidio hiking group is nearing its 20th anniversary, many of us have taken falls. I want a create a sew-on patch, in Latin, for those who have fallen but are still going strong. I only have choir Latin, but I know enough to see that Google Translate is wrong. I'd like a pithy translation of:


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I would propose Cado, sed resurgo, meaning "I fall, but I rise again". Cado is good in the sense that is very short. Resurgo is literally "rise again", so there might not be something more direct and shorter than that.

Alternatives might come from changing cado, more in the context of "falling down" or "falling off". For instance, L&S state that praecipito is appropriate for involuntary falling down. This word is also related to the English precipice, which is surely used in hiking circles.

Another option is decido, also with the meaning of "falling off/down". This however is related to the English decide, and so might lead to some confusion for non-Latin speakers.

So, perhaps the one with the clearest meaning, even for those without knowledge of Latin is praecipito, sed resurgo.


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