For a game I'm working on, I'm looking for a phrase in Latin that describes a robot created for the purpose of making synthetic bacon.

After looking at Latin grammar books, my current guess as to a reasonable translation is "Machina Lardum." Does that make sense? It's OK if it translates more closely to "Machine made of Bacon" as well.

Thank you! :)

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The first thing to be decided here is how to translate "bacon" to Latin. Different Romance languages seem to take very different approaches, and I am not familiar with a clear Latin word for it. Studying the best word choice for "bacon" would make a nice separate question.

I will translate "bacon" as lardum here, as you suggest. It is analogous with the French lard, and is not an unreasonable choice anyway. I read lardum more as fat than meat, though.

In English you can simply put two words together to make a "bacon machine", but in Latin you cannot. Therefore your suggested translation does not quite make sense. I suggest forming the adjective lardificus, "bacon-making". I find this appropriate because it is easy enough to understand, the role of bacon is clear (the machine is not made of it), and it is a single word instead of a clumsy relative clause. This leads to the translation machina lardifica for "bacon-making machine".

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