In a work of fiction, I have an Order of ordained detectives that do not exist. I use the term Lictor Rebus Sanctorae for the Order, and Lictor Rebus Sanctorus for the male protagonist. I know this is very far off, and wish to get it right. He is officially a Sami Cupien, a Liaison between the Vatican and international officials, but is in fact more of a secret agent-type. I will appreciate any input, gratias tibi!

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    Welcome to the site! What do you intend the name to mean, exactly? Small differences can change the meaning a lot – Rafael Feb 21 at 14:05
  • I need the name of the order and his position to include the word rebus, which I have found means Operative. He's a liaison, but works in secret as an investigator. So "Order of Vatican Intelligence Operatives" and "Vatican Intelligence Operative" would be the terms I am looking for, and how to conjugate them, of course. – Michael Page Frank Feb 24 at 5:19

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