I want to translate:

"It's not my job, I'm not paid to do that."

From English into Latin.

(I work somewhere where I hear the phrase every day and I'm going to have a mug printed.) Automatic translators struggle even with this simple sentence.

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If you want something snappy, nec opus nec merces mihi est, 'neither the task nor the reward is for me' should do the trick.


Chasing another animal altogether, I came across this expression from Cicero:

Quid igitur? Non sic oportet.

Which, out of context, means:
"So what? There's no obligation thus."

I've made a change in punctuation from the original where Cicero actually said:
"What then?" followed by a second question, "Is there not an obligation in this way?" changed to "There is no obligation in this way."

Lewis and Short (Perseus) gives the source of the quotation in the entry for "sic" but the link from the entry to a web text does not function.

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