I’m trying to conjugate aperio to say, “I reveal/uncover/disclose”. So, I guess I have two questions. First, is aperio the correct verb to say this? And, if so, what is the correct conjugation?


Aperiō literally means to uncover something, to lay it bare. It can also be used for opening a door, restoring vision to blind eyes, explaining a concept to others, and so on.

A good way to find these meanings for an arbitrary word is to use the Perseus word study tool. Put in your word, choose "Latin", and submit. It should show all the possibilities on the left; when you've found the right one, click the "Lewis & Short" link to see a full dictionary entry for it.

Grammatically, you're in luck: the sample form given for a Latin verb (which usually ends in ) means "I do the thing". So aperiō literally means "I uncover".

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This site should have some answers for you: http://www.verbix.com/webverbix/go.php?D1=9&T1=aperio

I believe it is conjugated as a normal 4th declension verb.

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