What's a possible Latin motto meaning roughly "from nothing to existence/reality/something"? I'd like it to be ambiguous if possible, preferably implying "(something) comes into being from nothing" and "from nothingness (as a gift/message) to reality/existence" and "(a path or road) from nothingness to existence" at the same time.

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Persius (Satire III, 83-84) wrote:

De nihilo nihilum, in nihilum nil posse reverti.

"Nothing comes from nothing, nothing can return to nothing."

In Latin double negations are fairly frequent and almost always used to express a positive. So one way to say what you want is De nihilo non nihilum, literally "From nothing not nothing". Pretty ambiguous, and I personally prefer this to De nihilo aliquid for your purpose.

Inspired by the Catholic concept of creatio ex nihilo, another possibility I've thought of is Substantia ex nihilo: substantia has many meanings, among which "existence, life" - e.g. habeo substantiam means "I exist". Since one may tend to think of "substance, essence" rather than "existence", this is probably most ambiguous. Ex nihilo means again "from nothing, from zero".

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