Sometime in Jan/Feb 2018, the Bodleian library published this image showing a number of P.Oxy. 1231 fragments with some P.Oxy. 2166(a) fragments attached. Recently, I tried to identify each and every fragment there by comparing the image with the Grenfell-Hunt transcriptions at vol. X of The Oxyrhynchus Papyri and the Lobel transcriptions from vol. 15 provided as scans in this answer and the Lobel-Page texts, and there is one I can't find:

enter image description here

This appears to have only one line, and maybe a vestige below. The line seems to read ΑΤΡΕΪΔ[.

Moreover, there is this fragment, which I seem to have identified as P.Oxy. 2166(a) fr. 1 via Lobel-Page, but is not in the addenda:

enter image description here


  1. What is that first fragment?
  2. Why is 2166(a) fr. 1 in vol. 17 instead of vol. 21 (i.e. the addenda)? Why are the other 2166(a) numbered this way? Are there a 2166(b) group and/or a 2166 group? Is the placement of the addenda due to them being recognized as belonging with P.Oxy. 1231 only after vol. 20 was published?


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