I’d love to get a tattoo saying ‘remember’ in Latin, but would rather not use memento. Would it be possible to either use meminisse or memini? I’d like remember to be like a reminder for myself to remember how I felt at a particular moment in the past. Hope this makes sense!

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    Welcome to the site, and nice question! This has to do with verb conjugations. It could help write a more customized answer if you tell us whether you speak any languages other than English – Rafael Jul 14 '18 at 14:36

They are different forms of the same verb. Here are some of the over 30 forms:

  • meminisse = "to remember"
  • memini = "I remember"
  • meminimus = "we remember"
  • meminerunt = "they remember"
  • memineram = "I remembered"
  • memento! = "remember!"
  • meminero = "I will remember"

The form you need depends on what you want to say. Is it the statement "I/you/we/… remember", an order "remember!", a description of the action "to remember", a wish "I wish I remembered" (different forms for real and irreal), or something else? Also, you might want to consider adding more words, like "we remember her" or "I will remember myself".

Both meminisse and memini are possible, but they mean different things and there are plenty of other forms of the same verb. If you have found something you want to say in the text, please ask a new question to find how to phrase it in Latin. Remember that when translating short phrases like the ones one would see in a tattoo or a coat of arms, it is not enough to give the English phrase, but you should also describe what is the message you want to convey.


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