I came across a book published in 1753 with the publisher location listed as 'Rezii'. I cannot find any reference to this name online. Here is a link to the book information.

The only libraries that have the book are located in Slovenia so maybe it refers to a town there?

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    I'm not sure if it is related at all, but there was a province called Raetia, in the Alps, not too far from Slovenia, after a Gaul tribe called raetii. In the Ecclesiastical pronunciation, ae sounds like the e, and ti sounds like the Italian zi, so it may as well be a back-produced spelling. It would be quite odd if this were the explanation, though, because I would have expected to see a different ending like Reziae. Probably just a red herring. – Federico Poloni Jul 9 '18 at 8:10

I did some research and it appears to be Rötz - see, for instance, another treatise held by the British Library written by the same author and typeset (published?) by the same person as well:

enter image description here

cf. "Gedruckt zu Rötz bey Christoph Joseph Hueth, Wiennerischen Universitäts-Buchdrucker."

enter image description here

Finally, this confirms our hypothesis that Rötz is a town:

enter image description here

Some information on Rötz (its earlier name forms and etymology), from an entry on Rötz (creek): enter image description here

The text you refer to:

enter image description here


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