Looking at other posts on quippe+relatives (particularly, at this link:1), there seems to be a consensus that it will usually show up with qui/... but not with quod, but I'm currently looking at a Latin text, "Non enim utiliter exposueris ascensum Christi in coelum et sessionem eius ad dexterarri Dei patris sui, nisi antea incarnationem seu unionem personalem recte et pie intellexeris, quippe quod ex huius cognitione illa omnino pendeant," from the Early Modern period that seems to go against previous comments.

I had this in my head as "The ascension of Christ to heaven and his seating at the right hand of God his father is not usefully explained, unless beforehand the Incarnation or personal union is rightly understood, because out of/on this understanding they depend completely" but that doesn't seem quite right... thoughts?

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