I'm currently doing a project for which I'd love to use some Latin phrases as mottos. One of these would be "Forwards, into a standardized world". Using some dictionaries and wild guesswork, the best I've been able to come up with is "Procede, in normus mundus", but I suspect that that's not correct.

Does anyone know the right translation?

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Mottoes like this are a little tricky to translate, and there will not be a unique correct translation. Here is one suggestion.

The most suitable translation that comes to mind for "forward!" is porro! and it is quite literal. You can also use an imperative like procede/procedite, "go forward" (singular/plural), but an adverb like porro preserves the impersonal nature of the original.

It is not clear how to best translate "standardized". I would work with the word norma, which also means "standard". The one needs to derive "standardized" from this choice of "standard". One can use the adjective normalis and derive normalizatus, but that does not feel very classical. As the question is tagged , I suggest the more classical normatus. More literally, norma means a measurement square (which can well be considered a standard) and normatus means "made according to the square".

Thus, my suggestion is:

Porro, in mundum normatum!

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