Suppose a university sends a periodic magazine or gazette out to alumni, companies, and other stakeholders. What would be a good Latin word for this kind of a publication? Would it be simply nuntii? Perhaps something like acta diurna would be appropriate, but I don't want to imply that it is published every day.

What phrase would you use and why?


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I suggest acta ordinaria.

The word ordo means not just 'a series', but an orderly or even a regular series. The derived adjective ordinarius neatly fits the idea of a regular series of publications; and when the subjects of these are things done or decisions made, the better word is acta rather than nuntii.


It occurred to me that this kind of thing could be simply called acta when it comes with the name of the university. For example, for the University of Jyväskylä we could have Acta Granivicensia or Acta Universitatis Granivicensis. (Or you can replace Granivicensis with Jyväskyläensis.)

The word acta won't work alone and isn't a good overall name for the concept, but I think this word communicates the type of publication sufficiently well. For a standalone word that could be used for this kind of publication irrespective of the institution, Tom Cotton's suggestion is excellent.

I should remark that acta is also used for scientific journals. One of the highest-ranking ones in mathematics is Acta Mathematica.

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