The Etruscans had a written language, and they must have had some kind of literature. Wikipedia gives a short mention. What is the largest known piece of Etruscan literature? It could be an epic poem, a play, or anything — I don't know what kinds of things they had.

There is very little extant Etruscan text. What I am looking for does not have to be extant, but just believed to have existed. My question can be rephrased like so: What is the most significant item in Etruscan literature that we have indirect evidence of?

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My guess would be their religious works, particularly pertaining to divination.

In his De Divinatione 33.72, Cicero mentions these books:

Quorum alia sunt posata in monumentis et disciplina, quod Etruscorum declarant, et haruspicini et fulgurales et rituales libri, vestri etiam augurales…

(Trans. mine)

Others of these [divination methods] are cemented in records and traditions, which are made clear by the Etruscan books on entrail reading and lightning omens and rituals, and also your own books on augury…

(Literally, "which the haruspicine and fulgural and ritual books of the Etruscans make clear".)

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