My wife and I have built a forever home on 25 acres just outside a small country town (population approximately 8000) in Australia. We have joked over the years that we are doing this because we are hermits or reclusive. I would like to have the property signposted as "Hermit Farm" in Latin, probably in the form of a farm that produces hermits, as a farm might produce wheat or pigs. So far the best fit seems to be "Villa Eremita" or "Eremita Agellus", but the former seems to suggest a grand country estate, whereas the latter just a small field. I'm tending towards the former as it is more recognisable, but could anyone suggest which would be the best translation or perhaps a better alternative?

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Eremita is correct for hermit, and the most appropriate word for farm is fundus. You need to use a possessive after 'farm', as in 'Farm of Hermits', which gives us Fundus Eremitarum.

Villa Eremitarum would be fine, but is very posh.

[Orwell's novella Animal Farm has similarly been translated as Fundus Animalium.]

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    Tom, thank you very much for that answer - its perfect. Having the Latin title of Animal Farm to uses as a reference to cite to curious friends is a fantastic bonus too. I note you are the author of that and other books, which is just amazing to me, so we'll put a little acknowledgement on our sign of your authorship.
    – arcadelt
    Mar 8, 2018 at 7:32

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