IMAGE of Inscription from Caserma dei Vigili in Ostia Antica

I think I got the rest of the inscription figured out. It is a dedication to Marcus Aurelius. But what does the last abbreviation, D.D.P., stand for?

The inscription is from a statue base in Caserma dei Vigili in Ostia Antica.

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According to Sandys's Latin Epigraphy: An Introduction to the Study of Latin Inscriptions, "D.D.P." stands for:

decreto decurionum publice

The last "P" is sometimes replaced with "P.P." or "PEC PUB": pecunia publica.

A decurio was a public official who, among other things, collected local taxes and was responsible for certain public works.

This is essentially the Latin equivalent of, "Your local tax dollars at work!"

  • Thank you very much! I appreciate that you provided a good source! Commented Mar 6, 2018 at 7:51

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