A friend asked me the other night over dinner how to say "love nest" in Latin. He was joking, but it got me thinking. Obviously one could say "domus/domuncula ubi amatur" or something like that (which is what I ended up offering him), but is there an idiomatic or literary term one could use to express this idea?

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Perhaps thalamus? It doesn't refer to a house or apartment where lovers meet (if that's what you had in mind specifically), but rather the room in which secret assignations occur. Given that the thalamus is typically the bedchamber, it's no wonder.

“Hic fuit, hic cubuit; thalamo dormivimus illo:
Hic mihi lasciva gaudia nocte dedit.”

“Here was she, here she lay; in that chamber did we sleep; here did she give me wanton joys at night.”

Ovid, Remedia Amoris, 727-8

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