In English there are certain phrases, like "copy that" or "roger" that are used to confirm that a message was received, especially in radio communication. What would be a good Latin term or phrase to use in this case? My thought was intelligetur, but I'm curious if there is a better term to use.


I would go with intellego (or the alternative spelling intelligo). For example, it appears in Plautus, Epidicus 249 and 278. For other examples, mainly negative, see this question about "understand" or "get" in a conversation.

I would prefer active voice here; after all, the message is that I understand, not that the thing is understood in general. If you use passive, present tense (intelligitur/intellegitur) is better than future (intelligetur/intellegetur). Another option that comes to mind but for which I found no classical attestations is the perfect tense version intellexi. My best suggestion is the simplest one: present, indicative, and active intellego.

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