A company has this long internal motto in the English language, but I was thinking it could be shortened a lot in Latin and maybe sound smarter, and be more easy to remember.

This is how it is depicted graphically:

Together We Lead The Way


Dreams And Everyday Aspirations


A Greater Good

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"Greater good" is actually (at least) from Aristotle, μεῖζον ἀγαθὸν, which in Latin should translate as "majus bonum" (in your scenario, perhaps better spelt as "maius bonum" to avoid pronunciation misunderstanding). "For the greater good" would translate "ad maius bonum". If I would have to choose a Latin motto for a company, I would limit myself to that, as it does convey the main message.


I would suggest an elegiac couplet:

Ad studium, desiderium cuiusque diei
  tendimus nos una, crescat ut haec bonitas.

Together we strive for desires and aspirations of each day, so that this goodness may grow.

I'm not sure if this would work for you. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I can try to write a new version if I know which direction to take this to.


Personally I'd opt for summum bonum. From Wikipedia:

Summum bonum is a Latin expression meaning "the highest good", which was introduced by the Roman philosopher Cicero, to correspond to the Idea of the Good in ancient Greek philosophy. The summum bonum is generally thought of as being an end in itself, and at the same time containing all other goods.

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