There is a well-known Latin phrase, aegrescit medendo, which means, "worsens with treatment". I believe it comes from Virgil (correct me if I am wrong). I wanted to know if there is an attested phrase which means the opposite, i.e. "improves with treatment". Is there such a phrase? If not, what would be the best way to formulate this in Latin?


The reference from Virgil is to Aeneid XII, 46, aegrescitque medendo (in the combat between Aeneas and Turnus).

The opposite is easily and exactly rendered as convalescit medendo. There may not be a positive attestation, but use of the verb is well supported.

  • Thanks for locating the phrase. Your suggestion has a nice sound to it and is easily understandable.
    – ktm5124
    Aug 31 '17 at 2:22

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