illī is a X of ille declension. illī is singular dative masculine form of ille.

In the first sentence what we should say instead of X?

  • If possible be specific; call it the dative. Otherwise, I think I'd go for 'endings.' After all the rhetorical ornament which uses the repeated sounds of inflexions, homoioteleuton, is just posh (id est: Greek) for 'similar ending.'
    – Hugh
    Commented Aug 14, 2017 at 2:38

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I would simply say: "Illi is an inflected form of ille. Illi is the singular dative masculine form of ille." (I am not sure what the role of "declension" in your example is. I found it more natural to leave it out.) In all generality, I would just use the expression "inflected form". In a more specific case, you can consider "oblique case", but that only applies to case inflection.

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