What would be a good Latin translation of a "star", a famous actor, musician or other such person? I am looking for a good translation for modern use, but of course an attested ancient choice of words would be great if available.

There are a couple of Latin words for a star, and of course using one of them is an option. I think that the neuter words astrum and sidus are not suitable for this use. Stella sounds much better. There is also the Greek loan aster. A Greek loan adds a posh tone — in my ears at least — which I find appropriate for this use. My own suggestion is to use aster for male stars and stella for females, to match the genders of the nouns. But are there other options that I should be aware of? What translation would you suggest and why?

  • I'm told Modern Greek uses a derivative of aster- but that might be calquing back from English. – Draconis Feb 21 '17 at 23:47

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