In my Reddit post about the Illyrian language, I said things like this multiple times:

Si lingua Illyrica erat "centum" lingua, "Curicum", antiquum nomen pro Krk, potest legi ut "caurus, ventus borealis", ex Indo-Euroepea *(s)kjeh1weros (unde Latinum verbum "caurus" venit), et Krk est borealissima insula in mare nostro.

The intended meaning is that if Illyrian language was a centum language (and we don't know whether it was or not), then "Curicum", the ancient name for Krk, can be read as "northern wind". That is, if the Illyrian was a centum language, then "Curicum" may have meant "northern wind".

Is that "potest legi ut" a good phrasing in Latin?


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