I wanna say "Gaius from god" in Latin. That means God create Gaius or God send Gaius out. How to correct say: "Gaius de deo" or "Gaius de dei" or "Gaius de deus" ?


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The praeposition de always takes the ablative case, which is deo.

Note that de can mean "down from, away from", but also "about, concerning". Other options: e/ex "out of", a/ab/abs "from, away from, by".

You could also add a participle to make it clear:

Gaius deo natus ("Gaius born of god / son of god": this usually goes with a bare ablative without a praeposition)

Gaius ex deo ortus ("Gaius who came to be out of god")

Gaius a deo factus ("Gaius who was created by god")

Gaius de caelo missus ("Gaius sent from heaven")

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