"in eius locum factus est" is an expression you see in the fasti consulares and I was wondering what it means. Thank you.

  • "*In/at his/her/its place it is made.". It's hard to tell what's it supposed to mean without context. Mar 17 at 17:41

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This phrase occurs when someone dies in office or abdicates office and another person replaces him.

[C. Servilius — f. — n. Stru]ctus Ahala [in mag. mortuus es]t

in eius loc. f[actus]. e[st]. [Opet. Verginius — f. — n. E]squilinus

Ahala died during his magistracy

in his place was appointed Esquilinus

The Wikipedia article on the Fasti covers frequent abbreviations.


fasti consulares capitolini

ag . mort.

probably means: died in his place (in his function)

Occurs with abd. , removed, too.


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