This anwser gives some examples of Late Latin texts using ille, illa, illud in ways quite similar to the usage of definite articles in modern Romance languages. However, I know that in some varieties of modern Romance languages, such as Sardinian or some varieties of Catalan, definitive articles derive from Latin ipse, ipsa, ipsum.

So, my question is: have some instances of Late Latin texts using ipse, ipsa, ipsum as definite articles been found?

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The Peregrinatio referred to in the answer you linked to does also use ipse in the way you describe. The Wikipedia article on Egeria references this, and it has a link to the actual text as well.

Note 8 in the notes to that text covers ipse.

  • Interesting. This text has one instance of such usage: "[...], et inde totum per mediam uallem ipsam, qua iacet in longo, rediremus ad iter cum hominibus Dei, qui nobis singula loca, quae scripta sunt, per ipsam uiallem ostendebant, sicut et factum est". Are there other texts whith some more instances?
    – Charo
    Commented Mar 18 at 8:53

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