What does enclitic mean in Learn to Read Greek, by Keller?

In Attic Greek the word tis, ti may function either as an indefinite pronoun or as an indefinite adjective. Its forms are identical with those of the interrogative pronoun/adjective except that the indefinite pronoun/adjective is enclitic in all its forms.

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I cant find its meaning in

en·clit·ic [enˈklidik, inˈklidik] noun enclitic (noun) · enclitics (plural noun) a word pronounced with so little emphasis that it is shortened and forms part of the preceding word, e.g., n't in can't. Compare with proclitic

enclitic (adjective) denoting or relating to an enclitic.

Origin mid 17th century: via late Latin from Greek enklitikos, from enklinein ‘lean on’, from en- ‘in, on’ + klinein ‘to lean’.

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In the context of Greek, when we say a word is "enclitic" it means it has no inherent accent. Thus the indefinite pronoun is usually τις not τίς. However, it apparently is not always enclitic.

In some circumstances, Greek enclitics add an accent to the preceding word, as described by Goodell.

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    Possible ambiguity: an enclitic word can have an accent, particularly (only?) in cases where there are more than one together.
    – brianpck
    Commented Mar 14 at 13:02

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