This is in an astronomy book from 1672. I would need help please identifying the word that ends the second line and begins the third. There seems to be a misprint and a word missing its beginning but ending in “isdem.”

enter image description here

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The word seems to be iisdem. (Ricciolus avails himself of the same etc.) Not much of it appears to be missing.

  • Oh! Great! Thank you. I was thrown off by the large spacing before, by the fact that I didn’t know this word, by the fact that I didn’t even think that a word could begin by two successive “i”s, and by the fact that the top left of the first “I” seems to be missing. Feb 26 at 7:34
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    @PierrePaquette yes, a part of the 'I' appears to be missing from the print or scan. Feb 26 at 7:53

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