Higher than light is what we are trying to get across basically just trying to make sure we say and spell it in a way that makes sense for a motto/ description motto

  • What does 'higher than light' even mean? What's the context? It's hard to tell whether you're saying it correctly when the English itself doesn't make very much obvious sense.
    – cnread
    Feb 23 at 21:07

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The spelling is fine, but the grammar not quite ;-)

The problem is that luminis is the genetive (“of light”), and you want the ablative lumine to say “than light.” It's a special use of the ablative called the ablativus comparationis (a.k.a. ablative of comparison), and it very, very, very typically comes before the adjective, so you should say:

Lumine excelsior

You may find it interesting that a common Latin expression is [solis] luce clarior (or clarius), meaning something like “clear as day” (literally “brighter than sunlight”).

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